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Enrich your soil with BudJuice to ensure your plants grow strong, have healthy yields, taste great, and are free of chemicals and pesticides.

Our organic fertilizer is generated from 100% tropical fish waste! Guaranteed to make your plants grow way bigger and help to create a soil rich in nutrients.Grow your own with confidence!

What sets BudJuice apart? Most fish waste or ocean sourced products out there are either extracted from fresh water (fish waste) which lacks all of the elements found in marine water that are essential to healthy plant growth (magnesium, calcium, boron etc) or the products are purely marine phytoplankton or blended kelp lacking the fish waste component. BudJuice has the organic and inorganic elements that plants love. 

There simply wasn’t anything in the organic fertilizer market that was created solely for organic growers.

After extensive market research we came across a truly astonishing revelation: The main nutrients which plants need for accelerated growth and increased yields are potassium, nitrates, magnesium, calcium, iron and interestingly dissolved organic compounds for that extra boost in density. Given our experience in the aquaculture industry we knew that fish waste was naturally high in these nutrients. After extensive testing we found a way to recycle fish waste into an organic fertilizer. Bud Juice Organic Fertilizer was the Holy Grail. Less than one week after feeding our plants, we started to see astounding results!

With these amazing results we couldn’t keep Bud Juice Organic Fertilizer to ourselves. We’ve been busy ever since expanding our coverage across Canada, the United States and abroad.

We truly believe in additive and chemical free organic growing methods which provide the cleanest possible plants. In addition to this, we also believe in building a world that is capable of sustaining itself for generations to come.

This is why we have built a triple bottom line company where we aim to look after:

1. The environment by recycling fish waste that would otherwise have negative effects on our oceans and freshwater resources,

2. Our society by giving back 5% of our sales to help save the oceans;

3. And finally closing the loop by providing this product to you so that we can build a sustainable long lasting business that continue to help the earth and its oceans regenerate themselves.

Bud Juice Organic Fertilizer will give you the boost you need to be as successful as we’ve been in increasing the speed of growth and crop yield. It just didn’t seem fair keep this product and knowledge all to ourselves.

The most popular organic fertilizers on the market today have been mostly developed by folks in the fertilizer industry without the necessary experience to develop or create a sustainable organic fertilizer high in nutrients from fish waste for the industry. We manage one of the largest distributors of aquaculture products in Canada and have significant experience in the plant grow market. We didn’t create Bud Juice Organic Fertilizer by accident. We applied our aquaculture and agriculture experience to create a superior organic fertilizer for the market.

See our unpaid testimonials on Amazon for feedback from our clients who have used other ineffective organic fertilizers prior to purchasing Bud Juice Organic Fertilizer.

What ingredients does Bud Juice Organic Fertilizer contain?

Bud Juice Organic Fertilizer is naturally rich in potassium, nitrates, magnesium, calcium, iron, phytoplankton and dissolved organic compounds. It has absolutely no chemicals and no additives! 


  • Jan 17, 2021 Sustainability Achieved For every BudJuice bottle sold, we have recovered its weight in plastic waste from the oceans through the 4Ocean’s organization.
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