Bloom 0-0-15 Stage 3

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    BudJuice - Bloom 0-0-15 Organic Fertilizer Kelp based Potassium

    Maximize your flower yield with BudJuice - Bloom 0-0-15 an organic, kelp based, water soluble fertilizer designed for foliar and drip applications. It serves as an instant source of potassium.

    It provides the necessary nutrition to your plants which contributes a rapid growth, healthier yields and overall plant's health. Our Organic Kelp Bloom formula is derived from all  natural ingredients that will help you look after your plants flowering stage and produce beautiful blossoms!

    Easy application: 1 tablespoon per plant when required. Used 1-3 times during Bloom, good for 22 applications.


    • Maximize flower size and yeild
    • Faster growth
    • Higher yields
    • Stronger growth
    • Foliar applications for quick potassium supply
    • Can also be used for enriching soil-less medium
    • Helps promote root growth and enhanced nutrient uptake
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  • Grow Box Combo - Micro(1L) + Nitro + Grow + Bloom Organic Fertilizer
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    Grow Box Combo - Micro(1L) + Nitro + Grow + Bloom Organic Fertilizer

    Everything you need to grow 4 plants organically in one GrowBox. Package contains, BudJuice - Micro 1L, Nitro, Grow, and Bloom. 

    • Maximize plant growth, plant yield and do it all 100% organically  
    •  Everything you need in 1 grow box, designed for the entire life cycle of your plant  
    •  Rich in NPK, micro and macro nutrients  
    •  Very simple to use formula for every stage of your plants growth
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